To get into the watch tower I definetely need that.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Textless Covers
↳ by Salvador Larroca, Pasqual Ferry, Daniel Acuña

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She betrayed Ronan. He’s coming back for her. And when he does… (x)

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Peter Quill (Star-Lord) and Richard Rider (Nova)

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"His mind is everywhere."

#YES #sebstan’s best quote about the winter soldier #it’s not that he’s the blank murder puppet or full of programs and routines #it’s that bucky’s mind is all loose threads #hydra cut his connections#so there’s ‘him’ and there’s his ‘identity’ and ‘memory’ and ‘feeling’ #and where everyone has ties and reasons and contexts #there’s just the winter soldier and disconnected fragments of information#he loses his ‘why’ and it works just fine for hydra #because the soldier has all this skill that they can build upon but when he uses them they don’t have meaning anymore #when he’s left to his own devices without a higher perogative #his mind wanders and stumbles over bits and pieces of something anything #a snippet of a song he heard when he was a child #the taste of his mother’s cooking and warmth of the stray dog he’d given a pat in france #but they don’t mean anything to him#it’s just a song just a flavor just fur under his palm #how they relate to him is lost #bucky barnes is isolated and cut off in his own mind and he’s floating in the shards of who he used to be #but without any connections or tethers they can’t ever come together in full to place an ”identity’ to who ‘he’ is #a mission is a tether and thus when the soldier is working the fragments cease to register #but the man who tagged him with a NAME who tagged him as a person as a friend as someone who belonged somewhere #the sudden connection is what fucks the soldier up because it’s so strong and compelling and he can’t fucking let it go #because he hasn’t had anything in so long #for the first time in a long time #this means something #bucky barnes #meta 

(Meta from requiodile)

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