I can’t decide if I want to add to this, or just color it.  So here it goes until I make up my mind.

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Jack Flag
I mean, Captain America. I get cap. I get Falcon. I even get Iron Man. They belong in the regular world. A regular world I understand. But cosmic stuff? Captain ☠ing Marvel and that giant Galactus freak? Please. Does it even mean anything? I’m just a guy from Sandhaven, Arizona. I don’t do cosmic stuff.

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James Buchanan Barnes // Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
buckyderp’s 10,000th post.

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Star-Lord, Big Boss, and Bucky


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Who the hell is Bucky?

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Favorite male characters [3/5]: bucky barnes / winter soldier

Where I’m from, the good guys fought on the same side…they didn’t just start throwing punches at each other. 

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